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Session story 2

At the hotel,she asked me to strip naked and asked me to put on her stockings, garter belt and high heel shoes. This is my time cross dressing and the feeling was actually quite exciting with the feel of the lace stockings against my skin. My cock slowly stood up as I put on the outfit. Next she asked me to lay out on fours on the bed, tied my legs to the corners of the bed and my legs tied to my balls as well. Can see that she is very experienced in this as I am virtually immobilized. My butt crack exposed to her and she began to start teasing my butt and slapping it at the same time. It was painful, but I was on high at this moment. Next she changed to her dom outfit and could see her nipples, it was very nice and her butt was beautiful, tiny but just the right size. I have to comment she has a great body. She had a strap on and ask me to suck on it (first time here for me). I sucked her cock and at the same time she slapping my cheeks and calling me a slut and to suck harder and faster, my cock was dripping wet this moment. Next, she started to finger fuck my ass, and stroking my cock at the same time, and when I was to cum, she will deny it by squeezing my cock head. It was intense. Seeing that I have behaved so well during the session, she face sit me and I began to rim her ass (too bad no smell)….this was the finale as I waiting for and in no time I came heaps of cum.

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