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Session story 3

Mistress ties you up and tie you balls very tight gag your mouth and give you blindfolds. Mistress then switch off the light and leave you for 20 minutes in dungeon. Mistress no hint you what she gonna do to you.Mistress comes back to meet you after 20 minutes. she bring welcome drink for you. it is her pee. Before she gives pee to you. she takes off her panties. and force you sniff her sweet pussy. She then put her panties in the glass of her pee. then she force you pick up her panties mix her pee and then put in your mouth. She then pee directly to your mouth again. Order you suck pee from her panties. then she put some pee in baby bottle. She tie you on you cant move. she gives you drink pee from baby bottle. mistress say to you that" slave, you have to drink your milk and empty before mistress come back otherwise mistress will put her pee in your ass "Mistress gives you blindfold and leave you 5 minutes.

After 5 minutes. Mistress comes back with a young girl. you wont see. you are starting nervous as you dont know what is happening. Mistress and young girl and assistant play your cock and balls. You will beg mistress remove you blindfold. Mistress ok, but mistress has condition. you will say "everything what mistress want." Mistress tell you mistress wants clean slave girl ass and have her toilet. you say "yes mistress"

Then Mistress force slave girl sit on your face. you clean her ass. Mistress force you put your tongue inside her ass. you say “yes mistress, i do"

Slave girl will say “Mistress I can’t shit now" Mistress say to her" Are you good girl'?

She say “yes mistress”. I am good girl” Mistress say" good girl, Mistress will put your pee in her ass(enema) then good girl give to slave male" She say" yes Mistress, I will do."

Mistress forces her pee in a glass. Then mistress assistant give her enema.

Then Mistress force slave girl walks around in dungeon.

Mistress asks Slave male. Are you ready to be her toilet? Slave male say" yes mistress, I ready"

Mistress force slave girl sit on your face and let her pee flow out from her ass mix her shit.

Mistress ask slave male" slave, do you taste her food?" slave male say" yes Mistress. I like her food" Mistress say" it is your food" slave male say" yes, I like my food" That is your dinner and soup.

After you clean her ass. Mistress tell mistress assistant tie slave girl and slave male together "69" let you play each other.

Mistress and mistress assistant are drinking and watch you bother play each other.

Mistress and mistress assistant discussing. Then Mistress and mistress assistant untie you both.

then mistress assistant give you cock gag. Mistress tie slave girl open her legs wide. You will see her cunt.

Mistress tell her assistant use dildo play her pussy. then give slave male clean dildo and eat her juice.

Slave male will clean dildo and clean her pussy. then her assistant put dildo inside her pussy. then force slave male lick her clit while her assistant playing her pussy.

Mistress tell slave male " Now you know how to play her pussy" slave male " yes Mistress. Slave like her pussy"

Mistress tell her assistant gives you dildo gag. ( it is 2 cocks side) One cock side in your mouth. So you put another cock side in her pussy.

Mistress put Vibrarator on her Clit while you playing her pussy.

Mistress assistant will play your ass while you playing slave girl.

Mistress force you make slave girl cum in 5 minutes. After that Mistress tell her assistant tie slave male up. Spread legs wide. Mistress and her assistant CBT slave male by weigh and force slave girl lick and suck slave male’s cock.

After that Mistress tell assistant untie slave male. And tie slave male on bed. then force slave girl sit on slave male's face.

Then Mistress and her assistant play your cock. Put Vibrarator and give you oil massage.

Mistress say" you are good slave today. Mistress will allow you cum. But slave girl has to pee on his face at the same time. Slave girl say" yes Mistress."

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