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Session story 1


Slave is stripped naked and stands up with his hands tied to the ceiling and a spreader between his legs. Mistress touches him gently on his ass, cock and balls and nipples until his cock is fully erect and hard. Mistress then ties his balls and cock with a rope tightly so that his cock stays erect more easily. This is a nice hook for my towel, says mistress, and she hangs a big bathroom towel over his cock that bends a bit more forward consequently. As long as his cock remains hard, the towel will hang nicely. Mistress teases his cock a bit through the towel upon which slave’s cock erects a bit upward again. Mistress teases his nipples and butt crack and from behind tickles his balls. Then she leaves her slave alone serving as a towel hook. After a while his cock becomes a bit softer and the towel slowly slides off his cock and eventually drops on the ground. Mistress says – slave why do you drop my towel on the ground? Slave says sorry mistress how can I make up for it? Mistress punishes him with her whip and slaves ass is glowing red after a while upon which mistress unties the slave and instructs him to kneel down on the bed with his arms flat on the surface so his ass sticks upwards. Mistress pulls his balls behind his legs so that his balls stick out underneath his ass and ties them to the rear end of the bed. Mistress then sticks a long candle in his ass so that the burning end of the candle is just above his balls and lights the candle. Soon drops of hot wax hit his balls making the slave moan of pain and pleasure. This goes on until the candle is burned beyond the point that hot wax is dripping on his balls.

Now slave has to turn on his back with his legs open and his hands are tied to the legs of the bed behind his head. Mistress puts on her strap on and starts to penetrate the slave. His balls are still tied together and every now and then mistress slaps his balls with her flat hand. Mistress starts to tease his cock while continuously looking him in the eyes and instructs slave to control himself until he cannot hold it any longer. Stop says the slave after a while and mistress turns slave on the side so one half of his ass is accessible. Mistress paddles both sides of his ass with a wooden paddle and it is quite painful indeed. Mistress starts penetrating the slave again and the same pattern repeats for a number of times. The paddling becomes increasingly painful and his ass is bruised on a couple of places. Now mistress unties her slave and makes him stand again blindfolded with his hands tied to the ceiling and a spreader between his legs. After some teasing his cock is fully erect and mistress ties some weights to his balls. Now mistress slowly inserts a well lubricated sound in his cock and starts to slowly move up and down and deeper and deeper. After a while she takes a slightly thicker sound and repeats the same again, pushing slaves limits until she reaches the point that her slave cannot take a bigger size. Now she unties slave and instructs him to lay down in the shower on his back. Mistress disappears for a moment and comes back , stands with her legs spread above his cock and pulls up her tight black skirt. A golden shower from heaven sprays over slaves cock and balls and the slave enjoys the warm feeling and his cock erects to a size never achieved before. Mistress instructs slave to open his mouth and slave drinks the last part of the shower with pleasure. Well done slave, says mistress, now it is time for you to come. Mistress finishes slaves wet and warm cock off with gently and slowly and catches the white load drifting in yellow juice for slave to clean off from her hand with his tongue.

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