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Mistress Luna 's session

The mistress orders the slave to kneel down, fold his arms above his head, close his eyes, and wait for the mistress to come back into the room. When the Mistress returns in a black leather dress and high heels, she tells the slave that he will never know what the Mistress will do with his body because his entire body does not belong to him, but to the Mistress. The Mistress tells the slave to show her how to respect her, but the slave ignores the command, then the Mistress grabs the slave by the hair and pulls him down to the Mistress' feet. Mistress orders slave to sniff her feet and lick them at the same time. Mistress's other foot was on the slave's head. She was teaching the slave a lesson. When the slave says not to do it, she says to him, Remember that you belong to me... Then mistress started to punish the handcuffed slave while his eyes were closed all the time. Mistress orders the slave to stand up and capture the slave. Facing the wall, Mistress took a leather whip and beat the slave. By the buttocks the slave now knew he was being punished. Speak loudly and plead with your mistress. Not wanting to punish him, the slave would follow Mistress' instructions, but Mistress continued to strike without listening to the slave's voice. Pleading and begging Mistress puts a gag in the slave's mouth and Mistress tells the slave. Chant loudly as Mistress Hit gets harder and harder and the implement changes from a whip to a rattan cane. Continue whipping as slave begs for mercy. Mistress then grabs slave and turns him back against the wall. Hands tied behind back, Mistress begins to touch slave's body with meal. To explore every angle, Mistress then proceeded. Stop at the nipple, play, kick, then take a clip. Then flick slave's cock down to the ball. Mistress plays, squeezes, squeezes slave's balls until satisfied. Then she drags him to lie down on floor and sit. with command to sleep in doggy position. Then Mistress slave Then Mistress says I will make an examination in your body. At the same time the slave begged him not todo that, but the mouth can not speak, but screams and refuses. But mistress still took out the device, put on gloves and inserted her fingers into slave's asshole. to explore slave's prostate gland Then mistress ordered slave to lie on his back and tied slave's legs as follows. Bend the knees, legs apart. While slave with hands tied, legs tied, groyne milk, blindfolded and gagged. Mistress puts on the strap. Then go directly to slave's mouth. She switches from a mouthpiece to a dildo, which goes into slave's mouth instead. Mistress orders slave to suck my cock, but slave tries to resist. Mistress yanks his head off so slave sucks her cock. Mistress then opened slave's eyes to see when mistress is going to rape him. Slave tries to beg Mistress not to do it, but at the same time Mistress inserts dildo. Dildo penetrates slave's anus Mistress raped slave. and ordered the slave to speak. Say out loud that you love my cock. Then the slave said, Yes Mistress, I love your cock, over and over again. While Mistress rides him And plays with his cock at the same time Then Mistress orders slave to cum for Mistress.

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