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Session story 4

Slave enters room and stripped naked. Mistress dressed in long black boots, tight miniskirt and top enters the room with a big bottle with yellow fluid collected from all ladies in the shop. Here slave, this is your soap, wash yourself thoroughly now. Slave enters the shower room and mistress pours the yellow soap over the body of the slave and his head. Wash yourself now all over your body orders mistress. Slave rubs the soap all over his body and washes his face as well. Rub everything in your skin until dry. Slave carries on rubbing with his hands all over his body until his body is dry and mistress is watching to ensure slave does as ordered.

Now today I will train you in orgasm control says mistress. You will control until you cannot hold it anymore and say stop. For every time you say stop you will get punishment. I will pull a card from this deck each time and each card has a specific punishment instructions which I will carry out.

Slave is tied up standing with his hands tied upwards to the ceiling and his legs spread wide with a spreader. Mistress ties up his balls, kicks his balls a few times until his cock is hard and starts to stroke his cock with some oil slowly while looking slave deep in the eyes. Slave gets aroused and enjoys and tries to control his ejaculation, until he cannot hold it anymore and says stop. Mistress says, well you get punishment now and draws a card from the deck with the instructions for mistress. Mistress blindfolds the slave and start to insert his cock with a sound using plenty of lubricant, first a small one, going up and down slowly many times and inserting a bigger one and a bigger one so that his peehole becomes wider and wider. Everytime a slightly bigger sound is used slaves limits are pushed and the slave moans from pain and pleasure. Now mistress inserts her small finger into his peehole and goes deeper and deeper until she cannot go any further.

Mistress takes off the blindfold, lifts her skirt and starts slowly massaging his cock and ass with her ass. Afterwards she starts teasing his cock again, slowly and long time looking slave deep in the eyes and slave tries to control until slave says stop. Mistress draws a card again and blindfolds slave again and takes off her boots. Mistress kicks slaves balls while walking around slave, sometimes kicking from behind, sometimes in front, sometimes a few consecutive times and sometimes after a short break so that slave never knows when he got hit. After 100 kicks mistress comforts his cock and balls with massaging them slowly with her ass and takes off blindfold afterwards.

Mistress starts teasing his cock again slowly while looking in the eyes of slave and slave has more and more trouble controlling. The slaves says stop but mistress continues to tease, sometimes stops, slaves says please stop I cannot hold but mistress continues and slave comes with a lot of cum that mistress collects in her hands. Mistress feeds all the cum to the slave who licks her hands clean. Mistress asks slave, why did you come? I have not given you permission? Slave answers I cannot control. Mistress takes off her string and dips it in a glass of yellow fluid and puts it in slaves mouth and afterwards puts on a mouth gag on top. Now slave gets untied and is instructed to sit on the bed bended forwards with his lower arms flat on the bed and his ass pointed to the mistress. Mistress starts to cane the slave, before each strokes she slides gently over slaves ass and afterwards delivers a stroke and soon cane marks are visible on slave’s ass. Because you come without permission I will give you 100 strokes says mistress. After each stroke the slave moans from pain and pleasure at the same time.

Now mistress puts on a face mask on slave and brings him down to the reception where a few massage girls are waiting. Mistress says to the girls, now this slave is at your disposal, you can do what you want with him. One girl says, I would like to peg slave. Mistress orders slave to bend over and girl starts to peg him as long as she wants. Another girl says, I would like to torture slaves balls. Mistress gives her a small boxing glove and instructs slave to spread his legs. Girl practices her punching skills from behind and front side until she has enough. Another girl says, I would like to have slave exercise his balls. Mistress orders slave to squat down and ties 2 weights to his balls so that the weights just rest on the ground. Mistress orders slave to squat 100 times up and down. When rising up, the weights are lifting of the ground and pulling his balls. The slave is exhausted after 100 times and mistress unties the weights.

Now mistress takes her slave back to the room, puts him on his knees and instructs the slave to worship her body, starting on the front side and then from behind. He starts licking and kissing her boots, legs and ass and cleans her asshole with his tongue. Mistress bends forwards and he licks her in her genitals until she comes. Now slave is tied upward on bed very tightly with ropes so he cannot move and blindfolds him. Mistress says she was not so satisfied with the worshipping. She pours hot wax over his hard dick and balls and the slave is moaning. She unties the slave and instructs him to stand up and spread his legs. With the whip she gently whips off the wax on his cock and balls.

Now slave is instructed to worship mistress ass and genitals again and the slave does all he can to satisfy mistress. Mistress moans from pleasure and is very satisfied and decides to reward slave. Slave is tied to the bed tightly again on his back and cannot move. Mistress sits on slave with slave dick against her ass and holds the slave tight upfront, allowing slave to lick her breasts. Mistress moves with her ass slowly so that slaves dick gets stimulated in between her glutes and the slave is moaning from pleasure. Slaves get aroused and aroused but just before slave comes, mistress stops and says, slave you already come one time and that is enough, you should learn to control better. Mistress unties slave and has him showered. Once dressed up, mistress and slave hug each other and go downstairs.

Once downstairs, the receptionist says, can I see slaves ass? Mistress orders slave to fully undress and show ass to receptionist. Wow says receptionist, that looks very beautiful all these marks. Receptionist says, mistress I would like to see slave come is that possible? Mistress says, yes it is possible because you want it. A waiting massage girl says, can slave come on my face? Mistress says, yes it is possible. Slave stands in front of the girl who sits on the ground with her face upwards. Mistress instructs slave to masturbate as quickly as possible and come on girls face and asks receptionist girl to hit slaves ass continuously with a cane while he is masturbating, so that it will not take too long. Mistress says, faster slave faster and slave comes on the face of the girl. Mistress orders slave to lick girls face clean and dress up. Slave, girl, receptionist and mistress all hug each other and slave goes home from a session he will remember for a long time.

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