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Session story 5

Slave is stripped naked with hands tied to the ceiling, legs spread with a spreader and blindfolded. Mistress is dressed in high black boots and string only and breasts nipples covered with a metal sticking cover. Mistress whips slave gently all over his body and concentrates on nipples and ass first. Then she starts to slowly whip his cock and balls swinging the whip from the floor level up into slaves cock and balls. Slaves cock becomes erect in seconds and mistress whips gently against his hard cocks from the sides, leaving his cock swinging after each stroke. After a while, some small drops of cum come out of slaves cock and mistress rubs that over his cockhead until it is spread out and his cockhead is dry. Mistress ties up his balls tightly, separating both balls. Mistress now takes some tiger balm and rubs his whole cock and balls in with tiger balm until it is well absorbed. His cock and balls turn red and the slave is moaning from the burning feeling. Mistress also rubs in slaves asshole with tiger balm leaving a burning feeling inside there as well.

Now mistress brings in a slave girl dressed up normally and takes off the blindfold from the slave. Mistress says, do you want to see slave girl naked? Yes please mistress says the slave. Mistress tells the slave he has to earn this privilege by taking assignments for each item slave girl takes off. She is wearing 4 items: shirt, skirt, string and bra so you have to complete 4 assignments. First assignment is for taking off her shirt.

Mistress puts a rope on his balls with a metal hook hanging between slaves legs at knee level. Mistress orders slave to collect 4 kettlebell weights from downstairs at the reception and bring them upstairs with his balls. Slave goes downstairs, finds the kettlebell, bends his knees and manouvers the hook through the eye of the kettlebell weight and lifts it up. Some massage girls are looking at the slave moving around with the weight on his balls. The slave then struggles all the way upwards and delivers the kettlebell for mistress. After a while, slave has brought up all kettlebells and mistress orders slave girl to take off her shirt. She is not wearing a bra and her breasts pointing forward firmly.

Now it is time for the next assignment. Mistress unties slaves balls as they need some rest and mistress orders slave to masturbate until he almost comes. Then mistress orders slave to spread his legs and put his hands between his legs. Mistress takes off her boots and kicks slave in the balls from the front side until slave cannot take any more. Mistress orders slave to masturbate again until he almost comes. Mistress asks slave girl, has slave already completed the assignment? Slave girl says, no I don’t thing so. Mistress orders slave to spread his legs and puts his hands up again and orders slave girl to kick his balls from behind. Slave falls on his knees and cannot take it any more. Mistress now orders slave girl to take off her skirt and now she is in only string, showing her curvy fat ass.

Mistress orders slave girl to massage slaves cock and balls with massage oil but tells slave he is not allowed to come. Then mistress orders slave girl to massage slaves ass with massage oil as well to prepare for what is coming.

Mistress now ties slave on his knees bending forward with ass pointing upwards towards mistress. Are you ready for the final assignment? Yes mistress says the slave. You have to endure 100 strokes with the cane. Mistress starts the caning slowly and after each blow the slave moans. Half way, mistress orders slave girl to put on a strap on and instructs to peg the slave from behind. Afterwards, the mistress continues with the remaining 50 strokes which slave endures with trouble and slaves ass is showing beautiful horizontal cane marks. Now mistress instructs slave girl to take off her string and pull it over slaves head so that his mouth is covered with the front side. Slave is untied and allowed to take some rest. Slave girl now is instructed to sit on her knees on the bed with her head down. Mistress instructs slave to spank slave girl on her fat curvy ass and slave girl to suck on slaves dick. Slave girl really enjoys the spanking and the sucking and her ass turns very red. Mistress stops the show at the moment slave is almost coming. Mistress now instructs slave to lay down on his back, ties his balls and puts oil on his balls. Then slave girl is instructed to sit on his balls with her cunt and ride on his balls to stimulate herself while slave erects with his upper body and is instructed to spank her fat ass every now and then. This goes on until slave girl comes. Then mistress instructs slave girl to carry on with riding slaves balls and starts to tease slaves dick slowly. Slave you are allowed to come now says mistress and slave comes. Mistress collects all the cum in her hands and spreads it over her hands. Both slave and slave girl are instructed to lick clean one hand each.

Finally mistress takes off her string and instructs slave to lick her genitals and slave girl to lick and worship her ass until she comes.

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