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Session story 6

Slave is stripped naked and is waiting for mistress. Mistress comes in and instructs slave to stand on the scale. The scale points 82.3 kilogram. Mistress says you weigh 2.3 kilogram more than I have ordered you to weigh. Do you know what that means? Yes mistress, says slave, for each 100 gram overweight 5 strokes with the cane. This means 115 strokes.

Mistress instructs slave to lay on his belly on bed with his arms and legs spread to the corners of the bed. Mistress ties his ankles and hands to each corner of the bed so that the slave cannot move. Mistress pulls his cock and balls between his legs so that these are visible between his upper legs. Mistress walks over the slave with her bare feet and squeezes his balls and cock with her feet. Slaves cock soon is fully erect. Mistress ties his balls and sets a rope that connects both feet. Then mistress ties a rope on his balls and pulls it tight and knots it to the rope between slaves feet so that his balls are pulled out and his cock stays aroused.

Now mistress stands next to the bed and starts caning slaves ass. After each 5 strokes, mistress teases his cock for a few minutes so that it stays fully erect. Also she slaps his balls that are tied together tightly a few times, after which she gives another 5 strokes. Mistress continues and takes her time to complete the punishment. Slaves ass is very red and full of cane marks and mistress enjoys looking at that. Mistress unties slave, turns him around on his back and ties him up to the 4 corners again.Mistress now sits on slaves face with her ass and orders slave to worship her ass. Mistress gives feedback, if slave is doing well she is teasing his cock and if not, she slaps his balls. After a while, mistress is fully satisfied.

Now mistress unties slave and instructs him to stand up.

Next time you come you have to lose another 2 kg and I expect you to weigh 78 kg says mistress. This means you have to take care of your diet and body and also do exercise. We start with a bit of practicing now. Mistress instructs slave to do push ups as many as he can. Slave now is instructed to do burpees until he cannot go anymore. Finally mistress instructs him to do sit ups as many as he can. Slave is sweating and tired. Well slave you look exhausted, I think it is about time to take a shower. Mistress instructs slave to lay down in the shower and gives slave a golden shower and instructs slave to wash himself with it. I am very thirsty, says slave, can I have a drink? Mistress calls in one of the girls who gives him a golden shower in the mouth which slave gratefully drinks without waisting a drop.

Now that slave is dry and clean and rested, mistress instructs slave to stand up and takes off her string and asks slave to wear it. Now mistress asks slave to worship her whole body from top to toe, worship her ass and is allowed to make mistress come.

Now mistress puts slave on his back on the ground and ties his legs up and spread out towards the ceiling so that almost his whole body is upside down and his cock is above his mouth. Mistress ties up his balls and hangs a heavy weight on it pulling his balls towards his anus. Mistress inserts a big cock into his ass with a lot of lubricant. Now mistress slowly stimulates him while occasionally slapping his balls and also moving the cock in his ass up and down at the same time. Slave is almost coming and mistress instructs him to open his mouth wide. Mistress finishes slave off while pointing his cock to his mouth and all cum drops into slaves mouth and he swallows it.

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